President Putin Takes Aim, Prophetic Message & Vision from Jesus 3-20-15

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President Putin Loads the Gun & Takes Aim,
3-20-15 Rapture to Happen Simultaneously

Tonight in prayer the Lord invited me to dance with Him in a large ballroom filled with brides, dancing with their Jesus. I saw that I was in my bridal gown.

A few minutes after that I saw Putin loading a revolver bullet by bullet and aiming at the heart of the Statue of Liberty with an American flag superimposed in front of it.

I asked the Lord, “Lord, how can you be here in this beautiful and joyous setting, dancing and enjoying Your Bride when the terrors of war are approaching?”

He looked deeply into my eyes, so there was no mistaking who I was dancing with or talking to, and He said, “Because I am undiminished. I can be fully present in both places because I am not diminished in any way, ever. I am in the fullness of My Godhead dancing with you and in the fullness of My Godhead preparing for war.”

Certainly, we are finite human creatures, we really can’t understand how this could be happening. None the less, I believe, truly believe that it was. And for me it at least gave me some handle on the dichotomy of bombs falling as we are ascending into Heaven in the Rapture.

“I believe that God’s judgment……is about to take place. Everything that …was…. told will happen. It will all come true, every word of it, when the right time comes. I am absolutely convinced that everything God has said is sure to come true. God does not break his promises.” Tobit 14:4 from Bible Gateway Darby Translation (modified for this message)

Also a dear friend had a vision of several angels in Heaven holding trumpets and looking in one direction, Jesus on the throne beside God the Father. Jesus was sitting on the edge of His seat. She spoke to her guardian angel and he pointed up to look at that vision, like, “Pay attention!”

The nights we called everyone to pray we came REAL close according to DEFCON Warning system, who is reported to be a reliable source.


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We are a full time ministry and appreciate the kind and generous hearts that are able to contribute to our ministry. May the Lord bless you thirty fold, both now and in the age to come. You can’t out-give the Lord!

Written by Wayne

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  1. Dear Clair…my name is Steven, and I was wondering if you might ask the Lord if he knows me? For I reach out to him but get no respons. Maybe he could give you advice as to what I am doing wrong? Anyway its just a thought because I feel it would be very helpful to me if he would only aknowledge me one time.

  2. I repent of all my sins, I pray a few times a day. Why can I never here Jesus. I feel like he is mad at me. I feel convicted of smoking. I pray for help to quit. I also take a medication Subutex, that I am a little convicted of also. Do you think that is why I cannot here him. Can you please pray for and discernment. I don't want to go to hell for being disobedient. Thankyou and Godbless

  3. Wow, Putin is preparing for nuclear war right now. He has ordered 40 million Russian citizens to undergo mandatory defense training. The tension between US and Rusdia, over Syria, has reached a boiling point.


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