Prodigal Son Runs Away To The World, Father Jumps Unthinkably Off The Porch When He Came Back

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There’s always a point in our life where we feel numb or bored and we just try to get by. Everything that we do seems irrelevant and there’s nothing we are passionate about anymore. That’s why we try to fill the void with temporary things, to awaken our emotions and let loose.

The parable of the prodigal son has always been a great parable that teaches us a lot of things. And all of us can relate to it. The son is already blessed as he is, yet he longed for something more. He lost his sense of purpose and looked for something that can awaken his emotions and fill the empty void he had been experiencing. Then he runs away to the world, believing that something out there can satisfy him.

Watch the skit below and have a glimpse of what a modern day prodigal son looks like.

The truth is, we are like the prodigal son. We stray away from the presence of God when we grow weary in our faith and when we’re being pulled by the world to embrace its destructive ways. We lost sight of the Father because we’ve been full of ourselves. We lost sight on what’s eternal and settled for temporary things. We lost sight of who we really are.

But indeed God is a sovereign God. His pursuit is greater than our ability to wander. He pursues us relentlessly and endlessly, forgiving us as if nothing happened. He embraces us as if we’re not flawed and untidy, and sees our worth when we deem worthless.

So if you’re feeling like you’ve gone too far from God and you’re feeling that you’re 10, 000 steps away from home, just take one step back and God will do the 99, 000 more to run to you.

Or maybe there’s a love one that ran away from your home and you feel like there’s no way they’re coming back, just hold on and wait like the Father did. He is always able to restore what is lost.

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SOURCE: YouTube | The Skit Guys