Progressive Christianity ‘Is the Greatest Threat’ to the Church, Anglican Leader Says

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A well-known Anglican leader and British social commentator is calling liberal Christianity one of the greatest threats to the faith, saying it twists the truth and is being used by Satan to deceive the church.

The Reverend Calvin Robinson, an Anglican deacon in the Free Church of England and a frequent writer and commentator in U.K. media, told Fox News that liberal or progressive Christianity is rooted in a lie. The Free Church of England is part of the Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans, a conservative network of Anglicans.

“Yes, liberalism is the greatest threat [to Christianity], current, because it’s one of the tools that the devil is using,” Robinson said. “The enemy has many tools at his disposal, but liberalism is one that is really, really taking hold right now in the West, just as much, if not more so, than Islam, to be honest with you. They’re both massive threats to Christendom and massive threats to the truth because they are both rooted in lies but not entirely rooted in lies. They’re rooted in twists of the truth.”

Progressive Christianity, Robinson said, is “even more warped” than Islam because it takes “something that sounds compassionate, sounds empathetic” and isn’t entirely true “in order to get people to believe in it.”

“Progressive Christianity is an oxymoron. You can either be a Christian, or you can be progressive,” Robinson said. “But Christian faith is inherently conservative because it provides a set of values that are seen by the modern world as conservative ideas, such as marriage is between one man and a woman and that God made us male or female. And He made those different. We’re not equal in terms of being the same. We’re equal in terms of dignity and worth. But we are complementary and different for a purpose.

“… Progressive Christianity is about twisting the truth. Again, it is all a lie. You can either have the truth or not the truth — the truth is objective. … A progressive Christian is a fake Christian.” 

Robinson urged the church to guard against any movement that doubts the Bible. 

“We shouldn’t let our guard down for communism, we certainly shouldn’t let it down for neo-Marxism,” he said. “And therefore, we should not let our guard down for liberalism.” 

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