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One of the most foremost questions arising from audiences today concerns the methods that God uses to speak personally. How does God speak to us today? Often, I have heard the frustration in the voices of those who genuinely want to know the answer to this question because they have come to a plateau in their spiritual journey with God. Prophetic Seers often feel like they have hit a wall or barrier and can not seem to move into a deeper relationship with God. The majority want that deeper relationship but do not want to fall into superstition or delve into questionable occult methods. This article will summarize what I have found in my search to answer that question.

Each of the following 15 methods of communication that God uses could be expanded much further. With your permission, I leave this summary list with you and encourage you to do further research and study of these main points. These main points are meant to be much like a diving board that will help you dive into the deeper waters of His Presence. This summary will help anyone and specifically the “budding” prophet to broaden their awareness and prophetic anointing. If we understand how God speaks we will see an increase in prophetic power flowing through our lives. We are often prone to becoming fixated on one or two channels of communication to the exclusion of other methods. This creates the dilemma that people are feeling in today’s world. Your prophetic gift and effectiveness will benefit greatly, if you jot this list down and then began to watch God speak to you on a greater level.

God speaks to us today in the following ways:… go to

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  1. Job 33:14-30
    “For God does speak—now one way, now another—
    though no one perceives it.
    15 In a dream, in a vision of the night,
    when deep sleep falls on people
    as they slumber in their beds,
    16 he may speak in their ears
    and terrify them with warnings,
    17 to turn them from wrongdoing
    and keep them from pride,
    18 to preserve them from the pit,
    their lives from perishing by the sword…”

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