Prophet Brian Carn – Prophetic Encounters With Brian Carn (10.25.2015) – Brian Carn 2015

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Prophet Brican Carn – Prophetic Encounters With Brian Carn (10.25.2015) – Brian Carn 2015
At the age of twelve, Brian Carn conducted his first three-day revival. Carn’s insatiable desire to resuscitate the church with the presence and power of God invoked him to dedicate eighty-eight days to prayer and fasting. During this time of consecration, Prophet Carn was publicly acknowledged by Benny Hinn at a crusade in Florida. Pastor Hinn prophesied that Brian Carn would walk in the same anointing and mantle that the Lord had placed on his own life, emphasizing that Carn would receive a “double” portion. This encounter further confirmed and catalyzed his fire for the Kingdom of God; he began to walk in his prophetic call.

After years of ministry, Prophet Brian Carn has become an internationally recognized, prophetic voice. A preacher of Holiness and student of the Word, Brian Carn is renowned for his prophetic accuracy, humility and passion. God has equipped Prophet Carn to see and speak into the spirit realm− to confirm and to change. The miraculous and incessant testimonies attributed to his ministry are incalculable with many reporting physical and mental healing, financial breakthroughs, property acquisitions, home and auto acquisitions, debt cancellations and favorable legal outcomes. Although the power and glory of God are made manifest without exception, it is no fallacy that the office of a prophet is wrought with insurmountable and unrealized persecution; however, the blessings and promises of God continue to inundate the life of Prophet Brian Carn proving God’s faithfulness and divine hand upon his ministry.
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  1. This really blessed me at work today. I just cut him on just now and it brought me to tears just listening to his voice talking about partnership. And I've experienced so much people I know wouldn't believe it, but I'm sure they've seen it all. I use to say I was in it alone, because honestly that's what it felt like. But I know now God was always with me. The Lord came in like thee MAN and HE was and delivered me alone one night over a couple of years ago from the spirit of fear. And when HE did it it was done. All of that alone people out of my life and no one to connect to I understand now what was going on. No fear, and now when I speak they go. And we all sleep like babies except when the Lord wants me up. Lord praise God, GOD is so faithful so good. My everything! Be blessed.

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