Prophetic Alert: NEW Prophetic Word From Kim Clement

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Because Israel, Israel, for what they have done to young men, what they have done to young children, this that has just happened, I will cause it to turn around. For have I not said to My servants of old – Israel is forever! Israel is forever! I will turn this around, says the Lord, and I will expose hidden forces that have already planned many other attacks. And because of what this President has done by releasing these that they say will do no harm because they will be watched – ha! They will not be watched! They will draw out other groups to come and to demand from the United States of America and to demand from Israel. But God said, I’m already turning things around and setting it up so that this nation shall rise …

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?I was a Christian for 3 years? but I give up.?

I was a Christian for 3 years… But I Give Up!