Prophetic Decree For Your Financial Miracle #1

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We are breaking the bondage of DEBT through prophetic prayers, declarations, wisdom, and sowing seeds of freedom!

It is time for YOUR Jubilee! The Jubilee came after the 49th year (Leviticus 25:10), and Pentecost occurred 50 days after Christ’s resurrection (Acts 2).

The $50 Seed Represents Power and Celebration! 

When you sow into the Kingdom of God with your $50 seed each month, we will Prophesy over your seed, pray over your finances, and we will send you a PERSONAL VIDEO of financial prophetic declarations for that month – personal for YOU and over your life!

The Bible tells us that in the book of Genesis that every seed produces after its own kind.  Read that again!

The word of God promises YOU that your financial SEED will produce a financial HARVEST!

Your seed into the ministry outreach will command the spirit of debt and poverty to be rebuked – and the spirit of wealth and abundance to flourish!

Where does your seed go?

Your seed will go into our outreach program, and our missions program, and will continue to keep our daily Kingdom Seekers show into the world, as well as the support of the abandoned baby center and supporting the medical needs of the children in several countries that can not afford them.

Your seed will CHANGE and SAVE LIVES! And you will see the power of seed multiplication over your finances.

Your seed will be personally prayed over by Prophet Wayne, and then he will personally send you a prophetic decree of prophetic financial blessings over you and your finances!

“… every seed produces after it’s own kind.” – Genesis 1:11

Written by Wayne

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