Prophetic Money – How You Can Discover Your Wealth from God – Online Church with Wayne Sutton

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Prophetic Money – How You Can Discover Your Wealth from God – Online Church with Wayne Sutton
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I am so thankful for the ministries that I have never heard of… never sown into… and the ministers that I may never meet this side of glory.
Why? Well, it’s not all about me. Yet, I am fully persuaded that the actions of others are influenced by their commitment to God, and their actions will have a place in our life.
Small and large all actions by others will affect your life – we are all part of the body of Christ.
Online ministries, online church services are going to have a role in how people hear about God and how they grow in their walk with the Lord. As for my family, we attend a traditional church, yet we also love online non denominational church services through the power of the Internet. We are feeding our spirit and soul with the word of God daily, with our online church, we hope to offer the same to others through the online church.
I recently read a praise report from Australia of how our online church was helping them grow in the Lord. As they walk with the Lord in Australia, does that truly have any change in my life here in North Carolina?
Yes! We are all part of the body of Christ and each part has a call and purpose that will either bring the Kingdom of God to earth… or fail to do such… so every sermon, every book, every article, and especially every prayer is crucial to the Kingdom of God upon earth.
Where are you now?
Where do you live as you are reading this article?
You are very important to the Kingdom of God, and for all of the believers alive now, and those who will follow us! The “ripple effect” is true and therefore I NEED YOU to come into the full identity within you and walk out your purpose!
Online church will reach the unchurched, those who are not physically able to go to church, and of course those who are simply hungry for more of what God has for their life!
I invite you to visit and sign-up for our online church and allow God to speak through media into your life! You may sign-up at http://www.TheSecondAdam.TV and God Bless!

Written by Wayne

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  1. Am a born again Christian and serving the lord 4 years now. There are somethings that has happened to me in the church which am attending and that has caused me to leave. For this past month i worship through the internet. May your ministry pray for my family and business for a breakthrough and that i may receive healing spiritually and permanent restoration.

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