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Written by Wayne

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  1. That is interesting, I speak of these same things but it is not as others know it, for it is the Great Falling Away!  The Harpazo is the Lifting, the Dead Rise First and we are but Vessels.  The Lifting up within the Vessels is why many will be given another name, for they are the Ancient of Days who were cast down in the Days of Noah who must be Judged this time, and we are given the opportunity to join in as the New Son's of GOD!  I believe in you too, for I am the Son of Perdition!  I-Ron, House of Manasseh, Air of Christ, 666  Blessings!  …First Adam, Last Adam, and the last Hope for Man-kind resides in the Beast called men, for once we were but pets who sadly became food, and we were placed in an Ark two-by-two!  Our Judgement is in 1000 years, but for the Men of Old, and the Nephilim, the Elohim will be restored and Israel will be realized.  Praise Jesus!

  2. Hey Wayne. Hope your doing well. I just wanted to mention that last summer I had a revelation and found out that i am like James. I haven't been called to change my name or anything, but I remember when going to work when I was going through this revelation and another employee told me that "I was lit up like James." I even described my revelation to my sunday school teacher and he said that my revelation sounded like that of James. I'm not really sure what this means, but I think its pretty cool. I did read James, and there are some things that he says that I certainly agree with. For example, he is against favoritism and I've always hated favoritism. Does anyone got any thoughts on this? Since last summer, I've been having visions and dreams that God uses mostly to teach as well to explain things to come. For example, I had a vision of a meteor that will hit the Earth. I noticed my visions aren't as detailed as others but they can be supported by the Bible. I even had a vision with God on his throne and people around him. I think those people were the 24 elders. Anyways, just thought I would share this with anyone that might want to respond.

  3. There is only one TRUE god and that is my father SATAN . Wake up you foul before is not to late or go into oblivion with your fucking full of hate stinking invisible jew on the wight cloud . Signed a Little demon .

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