Prophetic Word: This Is Your Time to Diversify and Multiply

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Be alert and don't miss your portal of opportunity.

by Chuck Pierce

We war with the prophetic words that are sent from heaven. These words cut through the atmosphere! The words from the Lord reform the earthly blueprint that our enemy is developing to conform us to his will (Rom. 12:1-2).

These words transform our mind to think like God. These words reveal the will of God for our lives!

Here is a word that came forth in June:

“Stretch out your hand, for there is a new cord of measurement that I am putting in your hand. You have measured one way the boundaries for your life, but now I’m measuring another way. I am giving you an enlarged, elongated cord that will set a new course for the direction that I have for you.

“Many of you have had words from years ago, and you saw that word come to be, but it took ages and ages and ages. This is the day that I am speeding up My anointing and My agreement between heaven and Earth. There’s an anointing of the ages coming down; an anointing of the ages.

“As the Ancient of Days, I am releasing wisdom and understanding over My people. The prophetic movement and the healing movement are about to join hands in a way that this Earth has never seen.

“I am giving you a new portion of strength and boldness for this hour. I have laid it before you, so step, step, step into the boldness, into My strength and into the timing. In stepping in, you will see doors open that have been closed to you for years. I am the One going before you to open the doors. Be bold and strong, for I have called you into this season to rise up as warriors in My kingdom.

“I am putting a cord in your hand—even like those who have been snakes around you. Like Moses, you will now reach down and pick it up, and it will become your new rod of authority which will stretch beyond what you’ve known.”

Diversify and Multiply!

Three weeks ago when the Lord said, “Gold,” I shared to watch the gold market carefully. The Lord is now showing me something new that was coming in waves, and how this is our time to diversify and multiply. This is a key time to listen very carefully, and to move beyond standard routines or expectations so that you can hear what He’s saying this very week.

“Those who are willing to listen in a new way will begin to understand why He is directing you the way He’s directing you, and how He is setting the course for what He’s calling you to do. To diversify is to change something so that it is multifaceted and what you have been doing is different and composed of distinct or unlike elements or qualities! Diversity balances! To multiply is to increase greatly in number.

“There is a portal that’s coming down on your path this week. This portal is in front of you, and if you’re not seeing with the eyes of faith, then you are going to miss it. This is a season to not hesitate. Even as I am calling you to diversify and multiply, if you hesitate you’ll miss your moment. Even in investments—if I tell you to invest in something new, you’d better jump in and not miss your moment. I will keep you from losing what you would have lost if you’d waited one moment too long.

“Make sure you don’t take your old into the new. Let Me navigate through you when you get in that new place. Let Me teach you how to move with Me in precision. Do not take the old with you into the new, for I will use you to unravel, decode, and move a system out of its place. Don’t take the old into the new with you, apart from Me.

“My glory is moving in a multifaceted and multicolored way, so train and ask Me to train your eyes to begin to see the multi-facets of glory as it begins to move.”

We say, “Father, that where our eyes have been trained to see one way, that You are now aligning our eyes and You are aligning our senses to the multifaceted glory of who You are.”

“Do not look at what I called you to see as the world sees it! A jawbone is not just a jawbone! A slingshot is not just a slingshot! A rock is not just a rock in this season! I have opened up a portal over you to see into a diverse spiritual realm. There is nothing you’re not going to be able to hear or see, if you want to hear and see. I’ll remove the ceiling and I’ll cause that which has held you in the past to be dealt with, so you can take off in the future.”

(Prophetic words by: Jessica Rana, Chuck Pierce, Marty Cassady, Raymond Banks, Janice Swinney, Melinda Richardson, Tobias Lyons, Melinda Richardson, Robyn Vincent, Michelle Hadley, Kerry Hansher, Keith Pierce, Rebekah Faubion)

Charles D. “Chuck” Pierce is the author of Interpreting the Times Redeeming the Time and Time to Defeat the Devil.

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