Prophets Arise Out of Your Slumber & Stop Vomiting!

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Prophets Arise Out of Your Slumber!

As I spend time this morning praying and preparing my sermon for this week I felt a strong impression of ‘Identity Loss’…

Many of the prophets today have fallen into a slumber and in their sleep have forgotten their true purpose and calling in this life. To be a prophet is to be the mouthpiece for the Lord, yet often we see the prophets only echoing the voices of the teacher, the pastor, the evangelist, or the apostle.

red-megaphoneIt is time to hear the voice of the Lord and the leading of his heart… and stop regurgitating another man’s message!

I was recently awakened in the middle of the night as I was violently regurgitation, yes vomiting in my own mouth, and it was a pretty rough way to wake up! Immediately I heard the voice of the Lord speak to me, “You will no longer regurgitate another man’s message, I will send you fresh revelation!”

Wow. Now, I understand that we all preach (or should at least) from the same word of God. Yet, I believe God was speaking about the prophets of today having an ear to hear HIS voice and revelation in this day. A fresh revelation will have the anointing to change lives and draw men to repentance.

Prophets arise to hear the voice of the Lord that YOU have been assigned to release – and then release it with all of the fire and anointing that is upon your life! You are called and anointed to change lives by speaking forth the word of God! People today need a word from God that is true and anointed!

I pray over you as you read this article, that the fresh revelation of God will fall upon your life and birth forth YOUR message for the world! I believe in you!

Pastor Wayne – www.TheSecondAdam.TV

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  1. Too many leaders show their anger to certain people who need ministry so instead of showing the love of God they are showing anger and not hearing what God wants to do for those who need ministry. There is false teaching in certain areas and the church doesn’t want to hear it or listen to it. It would be better if you would wash these people’s feet from all the wondering places these people have gone from all the defiled places, false shepherds, false gospel so God can cleanse them Himself.

  2. In some places I’m not allowed to speak what I see what God shows me because they have already rejected the prophet. I feel like Jeremiah I hear alot of things but the person will not receive it. In order for them to grasp what God is showing them they have to leave their denomination to do it and they won’t. Plus I get dumped with the false gospel of automatic forgiveness for violent abuse and torture done to me when the predator refuses and won’t confess their sins and that is the false.

  3. This word is 100% on target – the root of the prophets not saying a fresh word I believe is fear… fear of rejection and the enemy will try to intimidate all he can to make the prophets shrink down as low as he get them to go —- the devil is terrified of the prophets especially in the times we are in — so his tactics are intimidation and fear

  4. This is definitely a “Now” word for the prophets. It is also a wake up call for the true believers to press in for a personal relationship with their God. Jesus said “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” John 10:27 (NKJV) We must all ascend to the throne room to receive from the Lord and then return with what has been received to establish “on earth as it is in heaven”. Thanks Pastor Wayne for opening this dialogue in this format. Your brother in Christ

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