Prophets Arise Out of Your Slumber & Stop Vomiting!

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Prophets Arise Out of Your Slumber!

As I spend time this morning praying and preparing my sermon for this week I felt a strong impression of ‘Identity Loss’…

Many of the prophets today have fallen into a slumber and in their sleep have forgotten their true purpose and calling in this life. To be a prophet is to be the mouthpiece for the Lord, yet often we see the prophets only echoing the voices of the teacher, the pastor, the evangelist, or the apostle.

red-megaphoneIt is time to hear the voice of the Lord and the leading of his heart… and stop regurgitating another man’s message!

I was recently awakened in the middle of the night as I was violently regurgitation, yes vomiting in my own mouth, and it was a pretty rough way to wake up! Immediately I heard the voice of the Lord speak to me, “You will no longer regurgitate another man’s message, I will send you fresh revelation!”

Wow. Now, I understand that we all preach (or should at least) from the same word of God. Yet, I believe God was speaking about the prophets of today having an ear to hear HIS voice and revelation in this day. A fresh revelation will have the anointing to change lives and draw men to repentance.

Prophets arise to hear the voice of the Lord that YOU have been assigned to release – and then release it with all of the fire and anointing that is upon your life! You are called and anointed to change lives by speaking forth the word of God! People today need a word from God that is true and anointed!

I pray over you as you read this article, that the fresh revelation of God will fall upon your life and birth forth YOUR message for the world! I believe in you!

Pastor Wayne – www.TheSecondAdam.TV

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