Rainy has vision of Jesus in the garden of heaven

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Rainy descibes a vision she had in prayer

Written by Wayne

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  1. @Hillbillykid2000 Im glad Rainy is still with you all.I have and still will pray for you and your fiance Jojn,but you know you need to trust in the Lord.Rely on Him!Dont worry about anything.Pray yourself when things look shaky and never give up!Know that Jesus is going to help you.Its so hard for us,all we have to do is believe and obey.We are so caught up in this wicked world and its ways.I see you have a few videos.Its good to be around other believers.Pray for revival!GOD bless you! Jason

  2. Wow, God bless this woman for sharing this vision with us..   what an encouragement, especialy for these times we are in right now where things keep getting more Hellish on this earth.      I think the rainbow she saw is what many have seen also in dreams and visions that they call "The Rainbow Bridge"  .. and they saw their recently deceased housepets  on it crossing over.    God bless you and Rainy also.. wherever she is, that our Lord will continue to revive you both in your spirits til the day He calls you Home.

I saw a vision of Jesus coming back Ruth