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Written by Wayne

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  1. Hey man! Thank you for posting this!
    I had a miracle happened to me after watching this video!
    Was in a hospital, watching this on an iPad, stood up and received the blessing although I looked really weird, hah!
    Long story short, the next morning after I watched this video, no nurse came in at all. Usually they would come in every 2 hours, but that morning, from 6am to 12pm no one entered at all, and I felt really drowsy and went back to sleep and couldnt get myself up from my bed, and I dreamt about Randy Clark walking in some shopping mall, and stopped infront of the 3 person infront of me and pointed at them and said "I bless you in Jesus' name" one by one and when it was my turn, I felt the dream was just different than other dreams I had before. After he pointed at me and said "I bless you in Jesus' name" I trembled on the floor in the dream for a few seconds and the dream blacked out I woke up STILL trembling!
    And at night I prayed for my condition again, and it got 90% better!
    God can work through anything and anyone!
    It happened in April 2012.

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