Ready and Burning!

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by Sherry Evans

We live in a time when fear is overtaking people. Darkness seems to be gaining ground. However, for the believer, this is a day when the increased glory of God will be seen on us. It is a time to rise and shine! (Isaiah 60:1,2) It is not a time to be defensive and fearful.

 Luke 12:35 -“Let your loins be girded, and the lamps burning.” These words popped off the page at me, as the Lord began to speak to me.  The men of that day would take their robes and tuck them under their belts when it was time to run. They didn’t want anything to slow them down. Similarly, we are to be READY for action at all times. As a lamp is kept full of oil so that it can burn, we need to be BURNING…

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