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“The ministry of Wayne Sutton had been a blessing. This ministry gave 100% accuracy of a personal prophecy. I had been so encouraged and strong by his prophetic word” – Jesse

You are at the right place at the the right time! Do you need a personal prophetic word – a message of prophetic counsel for your life?

Are you ready for an anointed prophetic word of counsel for your life?

Do you need prophetic guidance for your situation today?

We now offer personal prophetic ministry, a personal anointed prophetic counseling session, specifically for you, by e-mail.

Your concern will be prayed over by team, and you will be personally e-mailed back your personal prophetic word of direction within 3 to 7 days, many times within 48 hours.

Your session may include, but not limited to:

  • Words of Knowledge
  • Words of Wisdom
  • Personal Guidance and Instruction
  • Prophetic Words, Exercises, or Assignments

All e-mails are totally confidential, and will only be shared between you and your counselor and the prayer team. Once you donate, you may wish to leave a small note as well for Pastor Wayne Sutton.

*A donation of $37.00 is requested to support the ministry. Get Your Prophetic Message Today!

Please click on the PayPal button below – and then please send your mail your confidential concerns (please keep brief if possible) to

Thank You!

*Free Special Report “Unlocking Your Destiny with Prophetic Counseling!” e-mailed to you with your mp3 words of prophetic counseling. Enjoy!

NEW!!! OPTION TWO: *Would you like a prophetic word each and every month for your life? Prophetic destiny sent directly to your e-mail along with your monthly resource – Partnering for monthly prophetic counsel is a huge key to your destiny! Click below to get started!

OPTION THREE: *Would you like a prophetic word of direction AND a 55 minute prophetic telephone counseling session with Prophetic Counselor Wayne Sutton? Click the donate button below and you will be sent full details and the personal phone number to contact Wayne Sutton – along with scheduling instructions. Donate $127.00 to the outreach ministry today. Click below.

The Word you gave me was of great encouragment. I also feel peace about not moving yet, this was one of the areas I was asking direction in. Thanks so much.”
– Matilda

Written by Wayne

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