Receiving Spiritual Vision / A Message From Jesus

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On May 27, 2012, I was in prayer asking Jesus about seeing correctly through his gift of discenment. I fell asleep and I had this dream immediately after. He gave me a very touching answer to my prayer that I will never forget. He hears us always!

Written by Wayne

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  1. I enjoy listening to your dreams and believe they are a source of strenght to others in the faith, I am a bit concerned about your interpetation of your dreams, some of which I believe are spot on and others that seems to be a little off. This one in particular troubles me because rather then to contonue in your growing in the knowledge of the Lord at school you chose to return to where you felt comfortable. You lift your comfort for a eye sight test, I believe he wants to move you out of your 

  2. place of rest and enter back into the class room where you can be of help to the other students in your local school / church. This is the uncomfortable place where you were suffering pain at one time. The son's and daughter's are being called back to the Father's house to reclaim the land taken by the force of numbers of tares.This is for the sake of the few wheat that are still in and among the tares.Yes they will be alright, but Jesus is giving you a opportunity to lay your life down for them

Re vision Jesus preparing our flight

Jesus Christ looked at me…Vision.