Renewing Your Mind Bible Study Online Lesson 1

Renewing Your Mind Bible Study Online Lesson 1

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Who’s Controlling your thoughts?

Course Overview:
Do you struggle with controlling your thoughts and emotions?

Do you try to fight off feelings of fear, unworthiness, depression, or anxiety, but seem to always be on the loosing end of the battle?

Discover how to defend your mind against the attacks of the enemy and receive the mind of Christ. Learn a simple 4 Step Action Plan that can free you from the bondage of mental strongholds once and for all!

Lesson 1: Our Problem…and God’s Solution
We’ve heard about God’s promises and about His provision. And, we know that He has plans for our life. But, there is one thing that stops most Christians from ever fulfilling our destiny in Christ. Find out what that one things is, and how to stop it from robbing YOU!