Restless Small Group Bible Study by Jennie Allen – Session One

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Restless Small Group Bible Study by Jennie Allen. Restless Small Group Bible Study by Jennie Allen.

Do You Feel Restless?

What if this feeling weren’t a bad thing?

This feeling could be a longing, a restlessness for more of God. It could push us to move forward, to live epic lives that were designed before the foundations of earth were laid.

But a lot of us, if we’re honest, are afraid. We hold close to our chest new and scary dreams that may just be from God to play a small part in something bigger. God wants to take the seemingly mundane messy threads of your life to weave something beautiful.

What would happen if God got bigger than your fear and insecurity, and you spent the rest of your life running after his purposes for you?

In Restless, an 8-session, video-based study, you will look at the life of Joseph and see how his passions, relationships, and suffering fit into the greater story of God — and how our stories can do the same. Bible study teacher and author Jennie Allen walks you through a practical plan to identify the threads of your life and how to intentionally weave them together for God’s glory and purposes.

Sessions include:
1. Restless
2. God’s Story
3. Gifts
4. Suffering
5. Place
6. People
7. Passions
8. Mystery

Jennie Allen is an award-winning and best-selling author of Anything and Restless, as well as the bible studies Stuck, Chase, and Restless. The founder and visionary for the IF: Gathering, she is a passionate leader following God’s call on her life to catalyze a generation of women to live what they believe. Jennie has a masters in biblical studies from Dallas Theological Seminary and lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Zac. Together they have been blessed with four children, the youngest of whom was adopted from Rwanda.

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  1. Thank you Jenny for sharing your passion through Hebrews 2 women to everyone who listens watches this that we can all become more like Jesus that we need to keep her eyes fixed on him that he can be our joy and he can be our everything no matter what happens in life no matter how many times we fall he is always there to pick us up and to love us unconditionally until he comes again

  2. When we feel restless, depressed, anxious ..ect. God is reminding us of something else in our lives maybe it's our thoughts, your forgetting that you have a great and so powerful God that loves and guides you in your everyday life. Always remember that you are not alone, God is with you , Angels are with you. And we believers are united in spirit in serving our only great God.

  3. You had me at I am. Kidding first I need to thank my long time leaders who have steadfastly served and serve as friends, no matter the gaps I was in, or had or have in work, family, friends, or self love with unconventional unconditional love, and this is how I received the message of the message here in Hebrews, in faith in hope and I'm so blessed, and touched by your video. You mean alot in the gaps as a new mom, a sister, daughter, a x,y,z.

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