Rick Warren: ‘You’ll See God’s Blessing When You Share Your Faith’

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As those who have been saved and redeemed by the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we are also to be those who share this wonderful gospel news with others. Too often, we remain stagnant in our evangelism, enjoying our life with God, but neglecting the call to share it with others. It is time for that to change!

“Faithful people share their faith,” declares pastor Rick Warren, drawing on Matthew 9:2 where people brought a paralyzed man to Jesus for healing. “Notice that it was not the paralyzed man’s faith that led to the healing; it was the faith of his friends,” Warren points out. “When Jesus saw these four friends cared enough to bring their paralyzed friend, he said, “Those guys have great faith. They expect me to heal their friend,” and he did.”

There are many spiritually paralyzed people around us. In fact, you probably come into contact with many on a daily basis. But do you invite them to meet with God? “They are paralyzed, and they can’t get to Jesus on their own,” writes Warren.

“God is watching to see if you are going to be faithful enough to bring them. And if you are, God will honor your faith. He’ll not only heal your friend; he will also bless you. It’s a blessing of faith.”