Senator Britt Unveils American Misconception about Israel and Hope for the Nation

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Senator Britt is a freshman senator from Alabama who, like most current Senators, doesn’t fit the age-old stereotype. Britt is a wife, mother of two, and one of the youngest senators currently serving. She sat down recently for an exclusive interview with Crosswalk Headlines to discuss her life, a new book titled ‘God Calls Us,’ and current issues. Britt describes herself as being an everyday woman who is a child of God, a wife, and a mother first before being anything else. 

Britt: They originally asked me to write the book after the runoff race, then again after I became Senator. Both times, I said, ‘no thanks.’ It wasn’t until after I was sworn in as Senator and visited Dunbar Magnet School that I knew I had to write the book for future generations to know that we live in a great country. 

CH: What made you want to write the book after visiting Dunbar Magnet School? 

Britt: I had been visiting different places around the state, but an amazing moment stuck out while I was at Dunbar Magnet. One of the primary reasons I ran for office was to give the unseen an opportunity to be seen. No matter the residential zip code of a child, they should be given the same privileges and opportunities. I believe everybody’s American dream is different. My message was received better at Dunbar Magnet than it may ever be received anywhere else. I want to make sure that when people read the book, they know the American dream is achievable and that God called me to where I am today as a Senator. 

CH: What does your faith mean to you? 

Britt: Everything. Without Him, we are nothing. 

CH: How do you live out your faith? 

Britt: There is a constant reminder for me that, every day, regardless of our location or occupation, we have an opportunity as believers to act, lead, and serve in a way that can lead others to know Him. I’m reminded of this in my life by reading 2 Corinthians 12:9, which speaks clearly that His grace is sufficient for me, and His power is perfect in my weakness. No matter what I see in front of me, I know I am to rely on Him and Him alone. 

CH: Who in your life modeled this for you? 

Britt: I am so blessed. Both my parents and grandparents consistently directed me to the word in both good and bad times. Their influence has been critically important to me. 

CH: Your book is titled ‘God Calls Us.’ What does that mean to you personally? 

Britt: God calls all of us to live out his purpose for our lives, but each purpose is different. It’s important to realize that every day, and particularly every moment, there are opportunities to bring others to know and see God through our everyday lives. Living a life in acknowledgment of the fact that He has called us is important. 

CH: What is your position concerning Israel? 

Britt: We unequivocally must stand with Israel. I think what we’re seeing right now, and over the last several years, is the edges of our country beginning to fray. Unfortunately, this has exposed a fundamental crack in who we are as a nation. If we cannot call evil evil without qualifying that, then we have lost our way in more ways than one.

CH: You have visited Israel. What was the experience like? 

Britt: I went to Israel with a bipartisan group, five Democrats and five Republicans, after October 7th. I went for about ten days. Being on the ground and sitting across from their leaders while we watched the video footage was deeply moving and saddening. What I saw was beyond comprehension and evil. I saw Hamas murdering children and tying up parents to watch it take place, along with making children watch their parents get burned. It was pure evil. One thing that we are missing here in the United States is Hamas’ promise to come back again and again and again and recreate October 7th until they eradicate the Jewish people.

CH: With everything going on, do you enjoy being a United States Senator? 

Britt: Yes. I miss my husband and children. I struggled the first six months going back and forth. I’ve joked that I miss braiding my daughter’s hair, but the good Lord has worked that out for her now that she is a freshman in High School. The Senate Bible Study helped me to finally feel like I found my footing up here. Many of the senators who attend the Bible Study give the assurance their faith is strong and reaffirm to me they use the Word as their guiding light in their decisions. That gives me a great deal of hope for our country. 

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