Should I Start a Church Online?

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Written by Wayne

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  1. I commented the first two times just on G+… without watching this… now that I have watched… Justin, where two or more are gathered… you have already started a church. You don't have to do 'church' like the world. Remember how they did this when Jesus was here. We just gather share the word… tell of our praise reports and things God has done for us and through us, where we have fellowship and pray for one another. We need to stick with what we are doing… this is already Church to me. It can only grow from here! I want a place where I don't have to go watch a man tell me how to observe the word. We are supposed to share what we get from the scripture. The word is alive it speaks to us all, and in part we get it together and the puzzle fits. Lets keep it as they did it in the beginning… God bless you all.

  2. Not to sound like a downer or anything, but if you and others do this, be careful. I have done much research into things like this. Most of the time it turns into trouble with personalities and money. If you don't already know him look up Jim Bakker. I researched him for months and still do from time to time. But if something comes from this I hope it stays clean. Good luck and may God bless you.

  3. Perhaps you should consider doing a Bible study type thing. That way you have the fellowship with like minded and like hearted people, without the major leadership roll. Per se.

  4. Hmm….I am gonna go with Yes and No

    Yes – It may be a good idea to gather those with similar minds to share idea and learn from one another, also help teach others who are new into the church.

    No – I personally just think that it could also be risky, because 1. it is online, 2. I just feel that it would be more effective, in such a way, having a church in person instead of online, 3. I think what you are doing right now is fine, and so far a good way to communicate with others and spreading the teachings from the scriptures. Though I think its better to teach others to be leaders to, instead of having a leader and its followers.

  5. I'd just like to point out that the extent to which we are fellowshipping online, is the extent to which we are already an online fellowship.
    Definitions and credos are helpful, but not essential. The platforms we share on kind of define what kind of fellowship we have.
    I started as a youtuber, and have never done facebook. I'm only on G+ because youtube was bought by google and they insisted.
    Public G+ Christian communities are ripe for hijacking, trolling and false teaching.
    Private G+ Christian communities tend to become fiefdoms of the owner and those with differing views tend to drift away, or be expelled. Then it becomes stale and self confirming.
    I was inspired by +Avidan Justin Bryant) to create a new G+ circle on my account yesterday called 'Fellowship', adding everyone I have friended, who I've seen my Lord reflected in. Those who have His light in their hearts. They are now my 'Fellowship' circle, and I intend to share anything Godly, wise or uplifting with them there. (There were eleven in all, from more than 200.)
    If we all took the time to do this, we would in effect become a loosely affiliated fellowship with no need for credos or mission statements. If everyone is already in effect in a fellowship circle online, (the people they are already connect with who have the life of Christ in them.) it would just be a case of who you fellowship with or not, depending on the beliefs you share with them.
    We'd essentially be establishing linked home groups, sharing between friends, having friends that overlap into other groups, so the things lots of us like, get shared lots.
    How many true brothers and sisters are in YOUR G+ followers? What would it take for each of us to run through the list, add them to a new 'Fellowship' circle, then make sure we are in eachother's fellowship circles also? From there, I think it could grow quite organically.
    Get people doing that, and we may actually start something quite wonderful.

  6. You do not need to be big mon ami. I have learned that the best church is not within a sanctuary filled with hundreds of people. One good example to use as a pattern is "Presents of God Ministries". They started as an online church and is thriving today with modest but really sincere members. Now it also has it's flaws as every church does. That's why I am proposing a gathering of no more than 12-20 people at first and do a "Bible in a year" read to get the juices going. Then when things get into a rhythm, you expand but not within the same group. You take in another 12-20 and make them their own group and do the same… it's a big task in the long run but when you start with a humble group who is hungry for the word of God then miracles can happen… Prends soins mon frère…

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