[Sid Roth] Vision of Angel in the Courtyard of Heaven – Kynan Bridges

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This is from Sid Roth’s It’s supernatural. Kynan Bridges had a visitation of angel when he was young. He also had encounters of dark power. He went to a pastor and found out he had an oppression. He casted out in the name of Jesus. He found out there is power in the name of Jesus.

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Young Kynan Bridges sensed something was blocking the good things God had for him. Then God showed him how to walk in Kingdom Authority. It changed Kynan, and it can change you!


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Written by Wayne

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  1. This was very important information Satan is nothing to us if we have faith in Jesus Christ king of all kings I learnt a lot thank you Jesus for this mighty warrior of light

  2. This is crazy.  So when we die, most of us will not die of old age in our sleep.  It will be from some disease such as cancer or heart disease.  Drawing a logical conclusion, we die demon-possessd.  

    Why does he say we can "bind Satan"?  If we can do that, why is he still on the loose?  No, an angel will be binding Satan during the millennial reign of Christ (Revelation 20:1-3). The disciples were given the authority to cast out demons, but they never bound them or Satan.

    And if tongues is a supernatural gift, why is there a video of Sid Roth trying to teach it?  And it sounds like baby talk??  That makes no sense either.

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