Solar Audio Bibles Invented to Bring the Gospel To Unreachable Places And To Persecuted Churches

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Christian persecution is very rampant in the world today. Christian churches are being tested to defend their faith and stand for God despite persecutions left and right. Because of these, believers are trying to find ways to be able to share the Gospel and gather Christians.

That is why there are underground churches being built while others secretly and carefully share the Gospel to the nations where Christianity is banned.

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Last year, another strategy was devised to cross the boundaries that prevent the Word of God to be heard by other people: the unreachable ones and the persecuted Christians. Report says these Christians cry out just to have a Bible that they can read.

These are solar audio bibles. These solar audio bible works by inserting a microSD into it. Because of these, thousands of people are hearing the Word of God and are getting saved as days passed by. The people behind this invention are also Christians who see the need of their brothers and sisters to use the bible and to share it to others as well.

This is a very touching and inspiring story. Watch full report below.

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