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    A YOUNG GIRL CHRISTIAN SAW HELL AND HEAVEN WITH JESUS, IN OPEN VISION FROM EQUADOR… IF DO YOU WANT TO WATCH HER FULL VIDEO PLS. SEARCH ANGELICA ZAMBRANO IN YOUTUBE. This afternoon of August 21, 2015, God gave me a short dream that I saw myself upload a video in my channel, and I saw […] More

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    Little girl sees vision of Jesus Christ

    Little girl sees vision of Jesus Christ There is a way to actually find God, please read my blog here: Also I THANK YOU for your support and for considering to visit the advertising sponsors who allow us to make these videos and bring them to you, May God bless you all richly. From […] More

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    The Girl who Paints Heaven! – Akiane Kramerik

    Born of atheistic parents, at four years of age, Akiane started having visions and dreams of Heaven, of Meeting God and Jesus Christ, of angels, of the spiritual realm. Soon, she felt compelled to start drawing, then painting what she saw in her visions. Self-taught… rather taught by God how to paint, she amazed all […] More