The 1 Thing That ROBS You of Peace! And How to Find Peace Today

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The 1 Thing That ROBS You of Peace! And How to Find Peace Today

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– and God bless!
The world is full of pain and turmoil, oh we may not see its full wrath in our life everyday, but it exists and it does unleash terror.

How do we cope?

The first funeral I preached was that of my Father.

Just a few feet in front of me was the man who loved me, who gave me life, and who I literally held in my arms as he took his last breath…

May times people have asked, “How could you preach your own Dad’s funeral?” It was hard. But I learned in that moment to surrender something…

Understanding. I had to surrender Understanding if I was going to walk in Peace…

As humans we have this desire or “need” to understand situations. Our thirst and quest for knowledge surely stems from our very great great great grandparents named Adam & Eve – and their eating from a certain tree of knowledge. We have an internal gnawing to know.

Therefore when tragedy strikes home, and pain is placed into our life, we all too often go back searching for the answer “Why”?

Why would a child have to face a sudden death at the hand of a murderer?

Why would a person have to face the turmoil and agony of Cancer and other terminal diseases?

Why would a person so loving and caring have to face the brutal rape from a knife-wielding stranger?

Why? Surely we can answer all of the above with the answer of sin, yet we still seek after God for understanding in the hard times. But what if God does not speak? How do we handle the situations when the pain is real, yet we simply can’t understand the situations?

“And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ.” – Philippians 4:7 (emphasis added)

I urge you to read the above verse yet again, and as you read it allow Holy Spirit to impart revelation into your life! We see from the above verse that TRUE PEACE is of God; and that TRUE PEACE surpasses or transcends all understanding. ALL understanding… ALL.

Wow, how joyous and wonderful can our life become, even through the trials and tribulations, as we walk in the revelation of HIS peace and it surpassing or overriding all of our understanding – or lack thereof.

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