The Blood? ~ Being Made For The Moment

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by Julie Price

In Mark 5:25-34 we read about the woman with the issue of blood. She had dealt with the same issue for 12 years; 12 long and painful years. There’s no doubt she had suffered greatly.

She had tried everything, seen every doctor, but to no avail. There was no one who could bring her even the slightest relief.  Then one day, she heard about a man…a man named Jesus, and she went to find Him. We need to camp here for a minute. Do I want to celebrate today that Jesus healed her? Absolutely! But Jesus wants you to see something else in this story today as well.

This woman suffered for 12 long years. She had to have moments of defeat, utter hopelessness, and despair. Everywhere she turned, there was no …

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  1. This is really good.WoW!!! I will read this a couple more times, i so needed this. I’ve been a lil but discouraged but this has given me a really BIG boost of reality of who I am in Jesus. Awesome Word, perfect timing.

  2. excellent word Julie. a nice “take” from the word. always enjoy looking at things in a new way. thank you for writing. it is all so true. and sometimes our “issues” take years…and we wonder where God is and “why”. and in He was there when she was…His perfect timing. we know He also used those hard years in her life to make her who she was…even tho known only as “the woman”…it cannot take away the fact that she IS in the Bible.

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