The Chosen’s Nick Shakoour has Spiritual Awakening

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The Chosen's Nick Shakoour has Spiritual Awakening

A well-known actor in The Chosen is opening up about his faith journey, saying he had never had a personal encounter with Jesus until he took the role in the Bible-based hit series and was influenced by Christians behind the scenes.

Nick Shakoour, who portrays Zebedee, told Christian Headlines that the series has had a significant impact on his life. His character is the father of James and John.

“It’s been a major change,” Shakoour told Christian Headlines, referencing his life.

Creator and director Dallas Jenkins, a self-described evangelical, has been open about the series employing Christians and non-Christians alike for the cast and crew, saying the goal is to hire the best person for each position.

Shakoour said he grew up in a Christian environment but never had a personal conversion. He told Christian Headlines he has been influenced on the set of The Chosen by the “behind-the-scenes people who are Believers” and by “their friends and in running in their circles and starting to seek out God through them.”

“And it all accumulated to last September, where I was invited to a church conference where the next thing I knew, a bunch of people surrounded me … and laid their hands over me and started praying,” Shakoour told Christian Headlines. “And I was able to experience what it was like to experience the Holy Spirit going from outside to in, and it set my body into flames.”

The experience, he said, was overwhelming.

“It felt like my organs were all being burned away, and I was being vibrated and microwaved at the same time,” he said. “That’s the best way I can describe it.”

Shakoour said he feels like a new person.

“I literally felt like I was given a brand new body – brand new everything,” he said, choking back tears. “… Click here to continue reading the full article.

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