The Cries of The Political – Prophetic Word Feb 2019

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The Cries of The Political – Prophetic Word Feb 2019


Written by Wayne

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  1. Thank you, Wayne, for this word. It is right on! I’m probably one of those not understanding why in the Lords house there are 2 camps, politically. There’s those that hate Trump and those that support him. It actually puts a damper on my day and brings grief to me. I have close friends (Christians) who argue with me and can’t understand me when I try to explain. We can’t even pray together because we don’t agree. I feel like the enemy is within. I’ll be waiting to see His hand in this. 😔

    • So what have your congregations done to remedy it apart from crocodile tears? There are around 3 big ministries who prophecied Hillary would win, 3 big enough to cause more scandal than whether Paula White meant it when she said ‘watch porn with your husband’. Your Trump dudes glossed it over while the fake assers shrugged and got on with their megachurch congregations. You want people to clash when you clash, you want people to half heartedly shrug off when you try to be complacent. You want to say the political doesn’t matter over the moral, then when you want the moral upper hand when YOU’RE certain and interested you’re right you like to force drag others to pray with you. You have a prophetic bunch and subscribe to them but after 10 years of being able to speak to God they prefer bashing those who get angst that disagree over line ranking exactly whose opinions mostly AGREE with God. You want to sound prophetically discernable and all that crap, but you also want to act like relatable detached assholes and shrug it off when someone says “a miracle doing prophet said…”. What do you expect? The universe hasn’t got enough space for your ;'( faced crowd to each play a fkwit and ask what’s stopping the progress.

The Cries of The Political – Prophetic Word Feb 2019

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