The heart of worship

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We sang this song many times in the 2000s. I loved its beautiful melody. However, I was only convicted by the lyrics’ meaning and challenge when I slowed down, saying each word aloud.

I believe we often lose the heart of worship. We get distracted by the decorative auditorium and compare our holiness with the next person walking through the door.

We forget what God deserves and what he desires from us.

When the music fades

I’ve always wondered what our modern church services would look like if we had no songs. Worship is more than these words we enjoy singing. It is our whole lives – from our thoughts to our speech to our actions in love and service.

Imagine if the music team continually played the wrong notes or the sound system suddenly shut down. Would we then consider the service as less than worshipful?

I simply come

I think of Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue, coming to Jesus and boldly pleading for his daughter. Another woman was subjected to bleeding for twelve years, coming unnoticedly to Jesus, hopeful that one touch of his cloak would be enough.

Both came seeking healing and eventually falling at the feet of Jesus.

We each carry different burdens from the week; we can’t expect everyone to come to Jesus the same. But he wants us to seek him alone to satisfy our desires and needs.

You’re looking into my heart

This is not a new concept. King David was not chosen because of his appearance but because of what God saw in his heart.

Someone who loved God and was willing to do what God wanted him to do.

What does God see in my heart?

Perhaps you’re tired from staying up the night before. You still make it to church and look like you want to be there, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

You’re frustrated that you couldn’t find a close car park, and you’re missing out on brunch with friends. In all honesty, you’d rather be sleeping at home.

It’s all about you, Jesus

Is it really?

Jesus criticised the people of his day for making the temple like a den of robbers.

We may not be buying and selling as such. But sometimes, our focus isn’t to meet and speak with God. We only need to evaluate the numerous, exciting conversations we have with each other versus the prayer we quickly mumble to God.

In what ways have we robbed God’s place of gathering in his holy presence?

I’m sorry, Lord

We’ve all said this phrase lightly too many times.

It doesn’t take much to remind us of our wrongdoings. Yet we struggle to live in honour of the death of Jesus, that we get to live each day in grace!

We live like we never truly understood the enormity of our consequences and Jesus’ sacrifice for us.

Are we pouring out habits or sincerity from our hearts?

King of endless worth

We like to receive praise and compliments from others. Our minds thrive on words we want to hear. We then feel exalted and of importance.

God does not need this praise but he wants to hear us acknowledge him.

God is enough. He is worthy.

Regardless of what we say – that is simply the truth. God’s character is always shining with glory. His being does not change.

Our only natural response is to be in awe of him.

Every single breath

Our bodies are physical shells without his breath, like dry bones in the valley.

When God breathed into your lifeless body, a miracle was born. Your breath is not your own. Every single breath you take belongs to God.

Consider this:

I am breathing today because God has breathed life into me.

He gives us purpose. We become his army, exhaling his truth into this world.

The heart of worship

Worship is by God’s grace a divine encounter.

This is a pivoting moment for us to enter a unifying journey with the Father, the Son, and the Spirit.

We need to simply come with open, sincere, and humble hearts.

We ought to give God what he deserves.

God, be the heart of our worship.

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