The Perfect Cure for Being “Stuck”

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by Wayne Sutton

“Wayne, I feel… well. stuck!”

I hear this way too often as a minister and prophetic life coach17.

People all too often get to a place in life where they feel “stuck” and can not seem to find a way out of their daily routine. Have you ever felt that way in your life? Have you ever thought that even among all of your daily activities and actions, your praise and adoration, you still feel like you are not reaching your goals and destiny?

Several years ago the Lord visited me in a dream and spoke a very clear directive over my life.

“Tell my people what they can do, for the world is telling them what they can not.”

Immediately, I was awakened and found myself excitedly seeking just exactly how that looked in my life… Years later I am honored to be able to do what the Lord instructed me to do, and it includes our ministry, our coaching, and yes sometimes simply being a dad and husband.

So how does this affect you?

Allow me to explain…

When someone is sick… they seek a cure.

When someone is dying… they seek a cure.

When someone feels like they are “spinning their wheels” and going nowhere!  Yes, they also seek a cure.

“Tell my people what they can do, for the world is telling them what they can not.”  For a moment I want you to focus on the last 10 words – “the world is telling them what they can not.”  We live in a world of influence, as people are influenced by religion, education systems, their personal peers, and virtually every piece of data that enters our eyes and ears.   The world is not lifting people up into their full ability or their God-given destiny.  In fact, even some of the top motivational speakers and personal development coaches area ll too often limiting the beliefs of the very people that they should be encouraging.

The cure to “feeling stuck” is two-fold. And we’ll explain both here in this article.

First, to “feel stuck” is just that… a feeling. We have to be careful when dealing with our emotions because many times our heart can lead us astray.  We see where an Angel had to some and correct (and reassure) Joseph when Mary came up pregnant and he was trying to figure it out… His emotions or feelings were out of alignment with truth, and the angel had to realign.  Then we see Elijah, misled by feelings, hiding in the cave from Jezebel.  I could continue with emotions and feelings, but you see the point.  Sometimes you may “feel stuck” and be moving in the very direction that God has planned for you day by day.  So, allow the Lord to speak into your heart and reassure,or correct, your daily walk.

Second, we sometimes “feel stuck” when we are no longer making progress in an area of life. We were created to create! Your were formed by the great I AM to go forth and form your world. I invite you to ask yourself, to look within your own heart, and seek that place of counsel for your own personal progress in life.

What areas in your life can you make progress by taking some positive action?

The perfect cure?

Seek the counsel of God to realign any feelings or emotions that may not be correct, and secondly examine your won life to discover areas that may need guidance or counsel. To progress in life is often as simple as having someone to walk with you in mentorship and discipleship, and this is why true fellowship in the body of Christ is vital.

We were created for relationships and in those relationships we can grow and truly become “unstuck”‘ in our own life.

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