The Prophet Missed It? Now What…

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The Prophet Got It Wrong?

During a hard time of my life, and while I was still a young Christian, I received a prophetic word spoken over my life.  It was a promise for the prayers I have been pleading over the last few months, and to say the least I was amazed.

The ability of an almighty God speaking through a child of God, for me! I held onto every word spoken, and couldn’t wait for the next few weeks to see the miracle manifest in my personal life.

And so I waited.  I spoke the prophetic word aloud, I believed upon it, and I told others the miracle God was going to perform in my life.  It never manifested.  So, did God miss it?  Did the preacher miss it?

Was he a false prophet? 

Now there are many…

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  1. I agree that nothing can thwart his plan.So if a word came from him.mIt will come to oass..That is what the scriptures say..No where have I read that we can thwart his plan.when we r obeying the best to our ability.and Lord knows end from begining so why would he give a promise and know it isnt going to much flesh trying to figure out things and coming to our own conclusion..a false word does not happen.If God said it IT WILL!!!

  2. Hello.I dont normally post things but would like to say share my view on this.I know all too well about getting words that are not from The Lord.There are at times however that a word is yet to come to pass.And there are times that the word given was from the person with wrong interpretation. The scripture says we know in part and we prophesy in part.I dont feel it means we inacurrately speak ames.I believe it means we only see a little bit of the picture.Not that we miss it in part…..

  3. Taslin, God is making you aware of the false people you are around and their character. Not all leaders have godly character and you have to be cautious who you allow to speak over you. I had a prophetic destiny in an area but too many ungodly leaders and poor character so the leaders used their poor character to destroy my destiny. I went to three churches so God had to move me to another state to start over. Its not God harming you its the enemy. Its the religious spirit.

  4. God is going to judge those churches but God had to help me battle 10 months of attacks by myself. It was revealed 7 years after I left one church what God’s true prophetic words were. I felt I had to be in a safe place to hear the other half of the prophecy. Some answers take years but be alert when God speaks. I get warnings of patterns in people that are bad so it takes time to figure out the answers. Some leaders are in error, deception – received not the truth, demonic entities speak.

  5. I just moved to a new place and God had to select the right person to prophecy over me correctly. The area I used to live is highly religious controlled and highly demonic area and the presence of God has left in some areas. I found out over time after God had me leave three churches that the three pastors were goat pastors and some were in their own personal bondage and others had demonic entities speaking false words out of their mouth to kill God’s words that spoke out of their mouth too.

  6. Their is a difference where a prophet misses the mark than when someone that is operating through the spirit of divination or a python spirit. Many do not realize what they are operating in, but god can change them and use their gift for his glory. I can probably write a book why one should be careful in how and who they allow to prophesy over them. I will never forget how a prophetic word put chains on me that at the time I could not shake off, but it written that nothing can thwart god’s plan

  7. I like what was written many do get to caught up on “false prophets” and actually touch god’s anointed with their mouth. There are different kinds of prophecy: Conditional prophecy and unconditional prophecy, generational blessing and cursing, prophecy to a specific body , generational prophecies or to the nations. There are many ways 2judge prophecy .U Can use multiple gifts along with word truth (logos) and the witness of the spirit.

  8. Hello Taslin, This can be done to anybody. Look at what the word says in Daniel. Read Daniel chapter 10 his blessing was held up for 21 days and Michael the arch angel was fighting for him. Be encouraged God loves you and everything is done for your good. Just ask God what he is trying to show you.

  9. A bishop told me that he had a word prophecy from god but fews weeks later I was told that the enemy stopped my blessing and miracles and god told the bishop to tell me about this. Why did god allowed this to happen me. I d0n’t understand this but I am believing praying and have faith in god.

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