The Remnant’s Rising!  Prophetic Word from Julie Price

The Remnant’s Rising! Prophetic Word from Julie Price

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It seems to be the anthem the Lord is proclaiming through me in many different ways lately as I write to you, but it has to be said because it is the Father’s heart right now. The Lord has strategically placed His remnant all throughout the land for it’s rising. Many of you, if you haven’t been moved geographically already in recent years, you have perhaps changed jobs, or churches, or something in your life has shifted for you in that way. Maybe it’s even in your relationships and friendships, but God has a very strategic plan for this remnant that is rising.

The remnant that is rising is carrying the reality of the Kingdom within them and its about to burst forth in all its power and all its goodness. These are those who have been tested and tried. And in this time of great testing and trials, they have not understood where God has been in it all. But where He has been, is training you and preparing you to be a strong, relentless, remnant rising warrior for Him! You will not be stopped! You will not be swayed! You will not be tossed about by every wind and wave! He is rebuilding your foundation and you are becoming strong and resolute in Him!

There are so many things that God is about to do through His people, but first He had to clean us up. The inside of our cups were dirty. There was a lot going on inside, and He has been repairing and restoring it all. Jesus wants to be represented for who He really is; and in the fullness of who He is. He is love! He is good! He wants to show Himself strong! This remnant is rising to display who Christ really is and what He came to do for us! This remnant is soon to rise and take the land back for Him.