The Secret of Binding & Loosing

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"And I will give you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven: Whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven:  And whatsoever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven." – Jesus

Binding and Loosing depends upon YOU!

Yes, you have the power to bring change in this world – you!

The enemy, obstacles, and demonic oppressions are real – and they must be bound and removed in order for you to live free!  Pray and discern where the enemy is attacking your life – then SPEAK against it!

You have power over the enemy.  As a believer you have the power, yet you must use the power given over to you… Let's take a look.

To Bind:  To fasten by a band, chains, ropes to tie, strap down, stop, put and …