The spirit of poverty is real and attacks those in the faith… AND outside of the faith.

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The spirit of poverty is demonic and it seeks out to kill, steal, and destroy. It follows the darkness that it is… And as believers in the body of Christ, we must learn to recognize the WAR over our prosperity.  Instead of recognizing the war, and preparing to claim our spoils of victory over the enemy, we all too often use Christian statements as mere cliches.

“The spirit of poverty” is a spirit – a demonic spirit determined, purposed, and commissioned to destroy your financial standing, take away your money, and bring strife from the ripple effect of fear and hopelessness.prosperity2



Damning to our life if we are ignorant to it’s reality.

Also, all too often we find another TRUTH that has been taught as a cliche… “The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous.” How many times have you heard that preached and proclaimed throughout the church?  Sadly, we have preached and decreed it so long without the manifestation – that it has lowered our faith.

Remember this fact… we may be in a war – yet we are victors!  You are not only an overcomer – but more than!

You should walk in victory and take the spoil form the enemy because you are a child of the ULTIMATE Kingdom and you serve THE KING!

Call forth your prosperity and your provision from the very throne room of Heaven! You are victorious and the enemy has chosen to battle with one called by the Lord? One covered with the precious blood the sacrificial lamb?

It the spirit of poverty is real, and it is, then also allow the spirit of prosperity to work in your life!

“Remember the Lord thy God who gives you the ability to create wealth…” – Duet. 8:18 – So Remember, bring this reality to the front of your mind and meditate on the promise. Then walk it out in faith.

“The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous…” – Proverbs 13:22 – This verse is almost always spoke as a future promise – stop waiting on the future. This promise is yours for today – for now!  Claim it and walk it out in faith today!

“…Money solves all things.” – Ecclesiastes 10:19 – When was the last time you heard this verse preached? When was the last time you spoke this as a prophetic decree over your life? Claim it and walk it out in faith today!

Am I a prosperity preacher?


I desire to see YOU prosper – to break free from poverty and debt and experience life to the fullest! Are you ready for more in your life as well?  Pick-up our free book at – click here.

Written by Wayne

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  1. Thank you Prophet Wayne. Game just now about Prosperity really help me. I was feeling kind of depressed about my situation financially. And when you feel down it’s hard to think of a scripture that would encourage you I always went to Psalm 121. But it seems at times I got bored reading that myself. And I don’t always want to discuss things with friends. And I find myself as I’m driving praying and talking to God about my situation hoping that in the next 5 minutes my situation would just change. Even though it sounds crazy I believe in Crazy miracles those huge surprises. Mainly because I’ve seen them happen for people and I often wish I can be me. It seems I’ve gone from bad to worse financially. Not having a raise in over 8 years the only one in my department at work not getting a raise in over 8 years it’s heartbreaking. So this message wipe some tears from my eyes today and I want to say thank you. And I will always continue to press forward until I receive my miracle from heaven my breakthrough my promises amen.

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