The Spirit of Prosperity? The Anointing To Gain Wealth?

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Well here we go with another “prosperity message” from a “prosperity preacher”…

Yes! I may ruffle a few feathers with this message – but it is time to do exactly that in the Kingdom of God! Let me begin by saying that I do not believe all people are called to become millionaires… I do not believe that all people are entrepreneurs and called into business…

However, I also do not believe that poverty and lack are “honorable” or a sign of God’s goodness over you.

In fact I believe that POVERTY is demonic in nature, the bible calls it a curse, and staying in poverty is selfishness!

Selfish? Absolutely.

When we hold onto lack and poverty as a way of life not only do we hold back blessings from our family, but also from so many other families that are in need.

Imagine for a moment… how many people could you truly feed and clothe if money was in abundance in your life?

Imagine for a moment… how many hours could you spend with your family, your church family, and your friends if you were not slaving away every hour just to make the bills?

Imagine with me… instead of donating towards an orphanage, if you could build and fund an orphanage?

What if… instead of giving a homeless person a $20 bill – what if you could build a homeless shelter and truly help those who are in need?

What if… instead of simply standing against abortion, you could fully fund the adoptions and abandoned baby centers that is required to keep a child alive?

Or, is it easier to stay in debt and poverty?

Is it easier to let Satan have his way in your finances?

Staying in poverty and lack is not Godly, it’s a surrender to the demonic realm – and that surrender hurts other people!

I personally have my daughter in a wonderful Christian school that is teaching her about the goodness of God, the truth of his Kingdom, and is providing her with a wonderful education.

Yet, it costs real money every single month to provide this Christian education. Real money comes from overcoming the spirit of debt and lack – and coming into agreement with the anointing to produce wealth!

Duet 8:18 – “Remember the Lord thy God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth…”

If you believe in a spirit of poverty – then also believe in the spirit of prosperity!

How do you begin to produce the wealth needed to change your life and the lives of others?

You first understand that it is possible, that is is honorable to help others, that real money is needed to change certain circumstances!

Then ask the Lord for the anointing to produce wealth, the wisdom, and the heart to manage the abundance that he brings into your life.

You can succeed and change the world – it begins with changing your mind and your expectations of God in your finances!

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