The Trumpet Call – A Vision of Jesus in the clouds… at the moment of the Rapture!

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I began creating The Trumpet Call in January of 2012. From conception to completeion it took over 450 hours to finish. The Trumpet Call sculpture relief is an amazing illustration of Jesus and His angels appearing in the clouds — receiving His “bride” at the moment of the “rapture.”

The upper portion of this magnificent relief shows Jesus’ loving face looking down upon his beloved bride rising into the clouds. His nail-pierced hands are a reminder of His love for us. They remind us of His suffering and the horrific price He paid — beaten and nailed to a cross. He paid in full the price of sin for all who receive Him as Lord and Savior; for all who surrender their life to Him and follow Him.

In the center of the relief are two powerful angels giving the trumpet call. The “cloud of people” emerging through the billowing clouds depicts a cross-section of ages and ethnicity. The people in the upper portion of the clouds have their eyes closed; they represent the “dead in Christ” who will rise first. Those who will still be “alive in Christ” when the trumpet sounds are represented by the figures with their eyes open in the lower portion of the clouds. These are the overcomers, lifting holy hands, reaching to touch their Maker. They are all dressed in the wedding garments described in Isaiah 61:10: “fine white linen and the robe of righteousness.”

This anointed work of art is a witness to the truth of life and the promise of Christ’s return. I encourage you to purchase an edition for your home or church.

Written by Wayne

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