The Two Witnesses Vision 71: Jesus Says He Chose One Joshua and One Zerubabbel

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The Two Witnesses Vision 71: Jesus Says I Chose One Joshua and One Zerubabbel

Written by Wayne

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  1. Hello big brother. The Lord will always be glorified and magnified through the insults, and the encouragment you receive, whether even it be from other believers who must grow more. 1 and 2nd Peter are so encouraging in times like these, specially when given at the right moment. Always we are to seek the Lords approval and not mans; its a given we will receive rejection by others when we do what we are to do.

  2. Anyone who today claims that Jesus or God speaks to him is either delusional or a secret antichrist. What this girl hears in her ears or mind is of Satan, and on my Google+ in MY CHRISTIAN CONFESSION you can read my complete debunking of so-called Christians such as this girl.

  3. You're not alone and those who watch this will hate you a lot. Don't be afraid to speak by the heart of the lord for many will parish for the truth is coming soon and many will surrender the powers unto the devil who is the false God. He will perform miracles and deceive many. Don't have faith in man but faith with in the father and the savior Jesus Christ. He is coming and he will return to the Holy land of Israel. Pray for the land of his people. For they are waking up and will be ready for their savior Jesus Christ. I say this because the lord has sent me to revive the church and word of truth. The time will come but I must wait on when the lord will command me. He had revealed to me in a dream that I preach among the world with boldness and truth. That I preach against Satan and his followers. Many worship the devil today and many not know what they do. Please share more messages and delete all things that expose you to the unfruitful works of darkness. God Bless!

Vision: Jesus (Yeshua) with his Angel from Heaven