There Are No ‘Black’ Or ‘White’ People: “All Humans Are People Of Color”

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Answers in Genesis president and fundamental creationist Ken Ham is not stranger to saying controversial things. And he has done the same again, it seems. In a recent post on Facebook, Ham insists that there are no ‘black’ or ‘white’ people, but that we are are all the same color.

“All humans have the same basic color of skin (which comes from the pigment melanin) just different shades–there are no “white” or “black” people (I’m not a white person as this photo shows!),” he writes on Facebook. “Using terms like “white” and “black” promotes division, racism, and prejudice–all are brown.”


So, what is the answer to racism? Ken explains: “The answer to racism is first to understand all people are one race, one family. Genetically and biblically all humans are one biological race. All humans are people of color–if you don’t have color you have a problem!”

“The answer to racism is to understand all humans are one race and all have the same problem of sin, and need to judge their behavior against the absolute authority of God’s Word.”