“There Is Worship In Every Breath That We Breathe”

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by Hillsong Collected

I was formed from nothing but a WORD spoken in Eternity, spoken from before the foundation of the earth found its form, by the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Created in the image of my Father, as He breathed His breath of life into my being.

So I as the creation create, not as an obligation to make something by demand, but rather to give expression to the DNA of who I am.


Creativity is interwoven into my very being. I create to acknowledge my Creator and to set in motion a worship that courses through my very being.

As I live and breathe, life itself is creativity in action, there is worship in every breath that we breathe.

Creative Technology is my expression, it is my worship. It is the result of a story that God is telling through my life and that He is using to change the narrative of many other stories.

We create by expression through Creative Technology in all its shapes and forms, a message that speaks of Hope. It proclaims victory in Jesus, salvation by grace, freedom and restoration by a Creative God who loves us.

We create a home where everyone is welcome to come and find expression to their worship.

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Written by Wayne

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