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This Doctor Prayed For His Dead Patient In The Morgue. What Happens Next Is Nothing Short Of Incredible!

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In September 2006, 53-year old Jeff Markin suffered a massive heart attack in the Palm Beach Hospital emergency room.

Dr. Crandall was the senior cardiologist on duty and reported to the ER after a Code Blue was issued for Jeff.

Doctors and nurses worked on Jeff for 40 minutes. When he arrived, Dr. Crandall noticed Jeff’s lips, fingers and toes were cyanotic – black from lack of oxygen.

“When cyanosis appears, there’s little hope,” says Dr. Crandall. The ER physician turned to Dr. Crandall for his assessment which everyone in the room knew already. Dr. Crandall declared Jeff dead at 8:05 am. Everyone in the room left quickly. One nurse, who was in charge of preparing the body for his family and processing by the morgue, remained. As Dr. Crandall headed out of the room, he sensed that the Lord was telling him to turn around and pray for Jeff. He played it off as an idle thought caused by the stress of the situation.

But is that really it? Watch what happened and how Dr. Crandall responded to God’s conviction!

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Written by Wayne

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