This Incredible Art Therapy Is Leading Many To Jesus Christ!

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When you think of conversions, you will often think of preaching, street evangelism, and Church services. But what about art therapy? A new therapy scheme rolled out in Spain is yielding incredible results for Jesus. World Gospel Mission has started sending its partners to the country so they can help out in community centers, and this is where the idea took off.

“In our community centers, we offer services to immigrants, mostly coming from North Africa. We try to help with social and cultural integration through offering Spanish classes, English classes, and technology classes. We do educational support for children and teenagers,” says Katie, a volunteer at the center, according to MNN.


“I think a lot of them need to experience love and acceptance because as immigrants living in Europe, especially because they’re Muslim, I think they sense some rejection and have trouble really integrating into the culture.”

So, how does the art therapy work, and how does it lead people to Jesus?

“The women come and we choose different mental and emotional health topics to discuss each week and do some kind of art or craft. And that has opened a lot of doors for women to share about their deep pain or struggles or trials. And then that really opens the door for us to share the love of God [and] even to be able to incorporate Jesus’ teaching into topics like anxiety, for example,” Katie explains.


Katie talks about one lady who was helped by the therapeutic sessions.

“She’s been coming to our center and also coming to the art therapy and has just experienced the pain of watching her country kind of disintegrate and all the destruction that’s been going on there,” Katie explains.

Mission workers ended up inviting her to an Arabic church. There, she heard the gospel, and learned about God. Now, she is on the verge of accepting Christ. So, pray for her, and this wonderful ministry!