This Woman’s Perfect World Was Falling Apart, Until Jesus Appeared In Her Dream. When She Woke Up…

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“I looked like I had it all. I had the Mercedes, the sports car, and you know, I had the nice house and I had all the St. John clothes and everything looked great.”

The oldest of five children, Vicki Brown spent most of her life believing acceptance came through perfection. “I had the perfect wedding, the perfect husband, the perfect family. Everyone would say, ‘We want what you have.’ Everything was perfect, but something just – something happened.”

Vicki’s enviable life included running her own aerospace company and closing million-dollar deals. But slowly, Vicki started losing her grip on her perfect world. Her marriage was falling apart and she felt like a failure.

“I was so stressed out and seriously thinking about divorce and what a letdown that was to my family and, you know, this person that all my family looked up to, me, and … it was just awful.” With a heavy sigh, Vicki continued, “And I felt like I was drowning. I couldn’t breathe.” (SOURCE: CBN)

When the world seems to crumble down in Vicki’s life, God appeared and turned things around! Watch teh full video below!

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