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Since giving up his job as a grocery truck driver in 2002, Tim Hawkins has been forging the magical blend between two comedic ideals: A genuinely funny comedy show that caters to the entire family. With over 300 million views on YouTube, 110 sold out show dates every year, 125K YouTube subscribers, and a motley crew of 425K+ Facebook fans, Tim has started a gut-busting grassroots revolution of multi-generational proportions.

Written by Wayne

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  1. I spent many, many years going to church and watching what I thought was my Step-Dad pouring out the wine during Sunday service at a Christian Church.  Yes, caught red handed with another woman while on a so-called scuba diving holiday. Step Dad found out she came from a very wealthy background, plus her frail parents in a large fancy home was looming. This woman was a patient of his.  Being a former President member of a Rotary Club, just so happens a close contact was a Minister at the United Reformed Church (U.R.C.).  Yes, my former Step-Dad got God's full blessing to re-Marry this Woman over money, as Christan beliefs are 'Null and Void' at the U.R.C. Church has twisted me up. I can't watch one more person pouring out wine ever again.  United Reformed Church – Yes, the doorway to binning your partners, then church hopping to another Christian Church in another Town, where nobody knows you.  There you go. My wonderful Church experience.  Happy days…

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