Tim Hawkins on Cracker Barrel Prophetic Ministry

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Written by Wayne

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  1. I eat at Cracker Barrel once or twice a week…the food is great and the service is great…and I feel this is what makes Tim's routine so funny. Yeah, I never realized they didn't have omlettes 'cause they aren't on the menu…so there's no reason to ask LOL…anyway, the down side to his funny routine is that I have a nephew who has seen this routine on Youtube and he really believes cracker barrel is a bad restaurant…he said Waffle House is better…are you kidding me? No way!

  2. Why the misleading title? this has nothing to do with prophetic ministry. If it is important to your church that you are believed then the FIRST thing you will want to do is not LIE from the get-go, get it? Thank you.

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