Todd White – Seek first the Kingdom

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How do i practically walk this out! If you are believer… you are in.

You are qualified.

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God Bless You!

Written by Wayne

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  1. I praise the Lord Yeshua for Todd White and his boldness to preach the simplicity of the Gospel. Jesus' Blood is enough for everything and every problem on earth. I have shared with young people to watch this and I have seen transformations in each of them since they have watched it. Praise the Lord!!!! Bless you Todd for being obedient to the Word of God and the HOLY Spirit.!!

  2. yes taking JESUS to the streets of england manchester highways and byways GO and invite them in so my fathers house may be FULL advancing the KINGDOM OF GOD equipping and releasing the saints colosians 1v27 christ within me the hope of glory amen GODBLESS TODD WHITE i share similar testimony add me on facebook you will be ENCOURAGED phillip hulmes manchester uk ON FIRE FOR JESUS #CIRCUITRIDERS #IGNITED4CHRIST

  3. Although you say Dan wasn't your spiritual father, or mentor he was the encourager of who you now believe you are. So how would you have been encouraged to believe what you believe now without a physical person pouring into you what was then unknown to you? I have no one to encourage me, remind me, a physical person who believes anything positive about me. I only have people screaming at me, calling me names, angry with expectations, and demands, reminding me of what I should, what I didn't, and all the pain, hardship, and suffering I have and continue to cause? I am suffocated by it. It's is where I live, its outside my door, my every word, move, or step is measured, reported, assessed, judged, and I have no relief. I able not able to withstand it. I not able to stand up to it. I am crushed under it. There is no encourager, no support, no kind heart, no soft voice, no shoulder to cry on, no reminder of hope, no this way sign. It's silence, or harshness. It's shunning, or screaming. What can I do when everything around me screams die! your hated! your a waste! a burden! your a whore your scum! your ungrateful! get out of here! move! leave! squatter! user! leach! you have no faith! you don't believe! satan has you! 24/7 and any word is to lead you into a trap to twist, to mock, laugh, ridicule. Having my own struggles in addition that I have not been successful in overcoming. And then I asked for healing prayer and I'm refused?

  4. Don't you know I've done everything, prayed continuously, confessed, repented, submitted in everything. I was doing it all right. Church, fellowship, study, serving, giving, loving, sacrificing. And then I was done. just like that. Paralyzed. My church peeps said I'm just going through something ….but its been almost five years, and their all long gone. in the beginning I declared God would heal me, and days turned to weeks, and weeks to months…months to years….and I'm worn. Days and months are hard but years carve away the happiness of hope. I found at some point when abandoned by everyone I loved that I thought loved me that it was an illusion and a deception. I was truely alone. And the truth I believed/believe was a lie, and stronger in me than even Gods truth because that's what I have been told for always, by everything/everyone. Trying to believe truth now doesn't really stick, though I'm in it constantly for years. I understand I did all the right things, but still functioned under the lies. I don't hear God. I do feel like an orphan. I want to talk with him and I do, but he never answers. Silence is everywhere.

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