Todd White – Your Created Value

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Written by Wayne

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  1. Todd speaks pure truth.God loves us outrageously!!!!! He so often is portrayed as a grouchy white haired ogre just waiting for us to sin so He can strike us down.Many Christians have damaged the body of Christ with their teachings and false interpretations of the Word among other things.In Jesus' suffering He was reaching out,He was thinking of each and every one of us.

  2. praise the Almighty for you brother!! its your realness and your rawness of truth that is turning my life around…well the Christ in you! amen! I got saved wen I was 18 and I'm 26 now but I've walked in the wilderness for years because of a lack of knowledge of Sonship! my dad left wen I was 7 so ive never known what it is to be accepted by a father hence why i let in guilt, condemnation and ahame for years! my mum raised me, my brother and sister in pure Love and God was there until my mum got on the drink and went the complete opposite way! I watched her fall apart and I did also until after saving my life many times I cried out to the Lord as he called me and became his! my mum is still deceived to this day but praise God Satan has lost, though he tried to kill my family many times we are all still here and his days are done!!! in the name of Jesus. this thing is full on. not just a little Christian life and yay we have Jesus…no!! this is a lost and hurting and lied to world so there's no option but to be radical and believe for everything and become everything he says we are! Jesus is the coolest of the cool!! he's the man!! haha praise God!! this is a matrix thing! dwelling in the heavens with Christ but plugged back in for a short time to accomplish his will, ohhh how I am not from here! we are the representatives of the unstoppable powerful Jesus and we can't be stopped! love always wins!! I wanna save and go from the UK to a meeting in the states! its a desire, now that's a holiday for me. love you brother!! love you all brothers and sisters, as you say Todd….let's do this thing!!! :-)

  3. I am watching this and praying, By faith that His power will reach through to me and heal my back that has been messed up for a while now, AMEN!! Please join me in prayer. I love you Brother Todd.

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