TruPlay Games is Redeeming Digital Entertainment for the Next Generation

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In the vast world of digital entertainment, where screens and gadgets weave a complex tapestry, TruPlay Games has emerged as a beacon of light, embarking on a mission that transcends pixels and codes. Founder and CEO Brent Dusing created the family-friendly platform to bring engaging, high-quality, and biblically sound entertainment to households worldwide. 

The average child is glued to a screen 52.5 hours per week, be it a cell phone, tablet, computer monitor, or another device. A deeper look at the digital habits of our next generation found that about nine in ten children (89%) play video games in some capacity. Sadly, many games today feature violence and other illicit activities that are closely linked with depression and mental health problems among children and adolescents.

Christian and non-Christian parents desiring safe games and other digital fun is a massively underserved market in the technology industry. Yet, the demand is there – parents want better choices. Enter Dusing, who has gathered a world-class team from top global brands to create the next generation of safe and inviting digital entertainment — TruPlay Games. The Austin-based company is stacked with tech experts who bring deep industry experience and a commitment to making faith-formative entertainment for today’s kids that points them to biblical values.  

An entrepreneur at heart, Dusing pioneered game creation that includes biblical truth through his previous venture, Lightside Games, a Christian gaming studio that has reached more than 7 million game players worldwide, resulting in 25,000 decisions for Christ. Now, he’s on a mission to transform generations of children in such a profound way that it will shape culture.

While 62% of people over 40 in America believe in God, only 31% of our nation’s children do. Therein lies the heart of the TruPlay platform. Its ever-growing library of world-class content does more than just entertain; the interactive games, digital comics, and animated shorts invite children into an engaging world of hope and biblical truth.

Exciting and creative storylines help children explore their faith in games like “RhymVerse,” a place of endless adventure. Players will journey from the depths of the sea to outer space and everywhere in between. Gamers will get to know Maple, Lucas, Ava, Benjamin, and other featured characters as they navigate real-world issues children go through today, like bullying, friendship, belonging, identity, and isolation, with the power of God’s truth. 

Other Bible-based games, like Stained Glass and the Action Bible comics, provide a safe and trusted space for children to explore multiple games all in one app, and there are no ads, in-app purchases, or chat features for parents to worry about. The company believes that every child should have the opportunity to play safely and to enjoy multimedia experiences that are not only non-toxic but strengthen their faith as well.

Demonstrating agreement, Christian nonprofits such as Promise Keepers and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association have endorsed TruPlay. Hollywood actors Dean Cain, Kevin Sorbo, and Candace Cameron-Bure have also shown their support for the platform’s mission.

As children today are increasingly exposed to toxic content and other negative influences within the digital landscape, TruPlay stands as a counterforce, seeking to combat these challenges with God’s truth. The reality is digital entertainment is here to stay. We don’t have to eliminate our kids’ enjoyment of it, and we just need to choose our sources wisely.

Kids and their parents can experience faith-filled fun this Christmas with 50% off an annual subscription through the end of the year, while stickers, t-shirts, buttons, and gift cards are available in the TruPlay shop. Visit for more information.

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Brent Dusing is the CEO and founder of TruPlay, a gaming platform created to bring high-quality, fun and biblically-sound entertainment to audiences worldwide. Committed to seeing the betterment of children around the world, TruPlay is building games, digital comics, video content, and Web 3.0 content to bring light to a world in need of God’s love, hope and truth. For more information, visit

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