Tucker Carlson: Christianity and Transgenderism Are on a ‘Collision Course’

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The shooting at Covenant Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, has rocked the nation for its targeted nature against Christians, according to the shooter’s own manifesto.

In the wake of this shooting, even those already leery of the mainstream media and the agendas it pushes are alarmed at how major media outlets have turned to defend the transgender shooter and blame Christians for this horrific event.

Across social media, the calls for violence against anyone who attempts to stand in the way of transgender ideologies have only increased in the wake of the murder of six people at Covenant Christian School.

The radical Left in this country is so permeated with hatred for Christianity that the governor of Arizona’s press secretary, Josselyn Berry, was forced to resign after posting an image threatening to shoot anyone she considered a “transphobe.”

Now, Tucker Carlson is shining light on the hypocrisy and lies being spread by the mainstream media.

As reported by the Daily Wire, “Carlson noted at the top that he had been warning prior to the shooting that the entire movement was ‘militant’ and becoming ‘dangerous.’ But after Monday’s massacre, Carlson noted, the ‘insidious’ media coverage compounded the sickening tragedy. He cited ABC News reporter Terry Moran, who linked the shooting to new laws in Tennessee banning chemical and surgical sex change procedures for minors.”

“The State of Tennessee bans the sexual mutilation of children, children get shot to death in a school,” Carlson said. “It’s cause and effect. That’s what ABC News is telling you. That’s not far from justifying mass murder, but others took the next step.”

Since Christians do not believe that gender is fluid, and is in fact binary as created by God in heaven, this creates the true conflict between Christianity and the transgender movement, according to Carlson.

“The trans movement is the mirror image of Christianity, and therefore its natural enemy,” Carlson said. “In Christianity, the price of admission is admitting that you’re not God. Christians openly concede that they have no real power over anything, and for that matter, very little personal virtue. They will tell you to your face that they are sinful and helpless and basically absurd. They’re not embarrassed about any of this. They brag about it. ‘That saved a wretch like me,’ goes the most famous Christian hymn ever written in English.

“The trans movement takes the opposite view,” he continued. “Trans ideology claims dominion over nature itself. ‘We can change the identity we were born with,’ they will tell you…Christians can never agree with this statement because these are powers … God alone possesses.

“That unwillingness to agree, that failure to acknowledge a trans person’s dominion over nature, incites and enrages some in the trans community,” Carlson said. “People who believe they are God can’t stand to be reminded that they’re not. So, Christianity and transgender orthodoxy are wholly incompatible theologies. They can never be reconciled. They are on a collision course with each other.”

So what are Christians to do as they are targeted for their beliefs by a radical and armed movement opposed to the very nature of God’s design?

Repentance in humility before the Lord should be on the forefront of every Christian’s mind in America today.

With a multitude of verses in both the Old and New Testament extolling the power in repentance before the Lord, Christians must take claim over America and repent for the nation’s sins. This will bear fruit, according to Matthew 3:8, and muster the armies of heaven on their behalf.

Perseverance in the face of persecution was the name of the game for the apostle Paul. Throughout his many travels, Satan tried to stymie his efforts to spread the gospel message to the Gentiles. This saw Paul beaten, imprisoned and eventually martyred for his faith.

Is this not what modern-day Christians can expect when they too preach the message of Jesus Christ?

Making the study of the Word of God a top priority is a need for many Christians in America today. How many hours are spent on social media, watching television or other forms of entertainment compared to how many hours are spent studying the Bible?

This is an imperative for Christians today and is the only foundation that will help protect them from the coming spiritual battles all will face in the coming days. 

Written by Wayne

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