Tyler Perry Prophesying Over TD Jakes

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At a conference in 2013, acclaimed actor and filmmaker Tyler Perry found himself up on the platform laying hands on and prophesying over Bishop T.D. Jakes. In an interview with CBN’s Studio 5, Perry says of the event, whose video has since gone viral, “I was on fire, and I couldn’t hold It.”

While the interview was meant to promote Perry’s newest book, Higher Is Waiting, the subject switched to the video that went viral of him praying and prophesying over the Christian mogul and megachurch pastor. Perry describes his initial reluctance before being called up to the platform: “I was sitting there, and going please don’t call me up there because I don’t know what’s going to come out of my mouth because I am feeling the power of God and you all better leave me alone right now.”


Perry, best known for his “Madea” drag character, admitted that this was not his first time prophesying: “It’s been happening since I was a kid,” Perry told CBN. “It still happens, randomly, it still happens. And people are always shocked and stunned by it. It is just being sensitive and intuitive and feeling what’s going on.”

Perry said of the moment he laid hands on the bishop, “That moment was very different because I had been at MegaFest [Jakes’ annual faith, film, and family conference] that whole week. I was filled, just overflowing with the word and joy. It was the most wonderful experience I had in a long time. And I was on fire, and I couldn’t hold it.”

View the powerful video below!

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