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A dream vision of Christ,
Vividly a witness in night.
Our King appeared in the day.
His light shining on a cloud.
Majestic his demeanor and presence
His essence illuminating my being.
Panoramically his image zooming to focus, This arrival a surprise, for our host is.
Majestically powerful triumphantly in stature, A heavenly might, a blessing to capture.
Our King zooms to me on the shores of a river, No need to shiver, simply peace and bliss I bowed.
His feet glowed like Gold the time approaching is now.
Such a blinding sight, breathtaking with light,
My spirit affirmed this is the Son of Man who lived upright.
Shall return like a thief in the night.
Repent and be prepared for the assembly in the air.
For this life is a test, a drop to an ocean.
In motion, these end days, His spirit will pour out on thee.
People forgot our purpose is to praise His Glory and be a testimony.

God Bless, repent, and stay faithful to thee